Boris Nemtsov Plaza Becomes A Reality In Washington DC

January 10, 2018

On January 09 the Council of the District of Columbia voted unanimously on Bill 22-539, officially renaming the square outside the Russian embassy in Washington DC.  The square will now be known as Boris Nemtsov Plaza, making the Russian Embassy’s new address No. 1, Boris Nemtsov Plaza.

The bill was put forward in honour of the Russian opposition politician who was murdered just a few hundred feet away from the Kremlin in February 2015.  Although the hitmen were arrested and prosecuted, those who ordered the killing have not been brought to justice and have avoided all investigation.

During the Bill hearing members of the Council emphasised that “this is a symbolic recognition of the memory of Boris Nemtsov”, claiming that the renaming of the plaza symbolises Washington DC’s adherence to democracy.  It is hoped that the official renaming will take place in time for the anniversary of Nemtsov’s murder on February 28.

Council member Mary Cheh was the first to introduce the legislation in 2016.  The legislation was then officially sponsored by Republican Senator Marco Rubio, Christopher Coons (Democrat) and John McCain (Republican).

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