Statement of Support

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André Glucksmann

"Everyone must ask why the dishonoured and ransacked ex-oligarch who has already spent seven years in a Siberian prison without justification has not been released, and why he is not allowed to go into exile. Such an approach would have advantages: it would give foreign investors a little security. ... The hotch-potch of obscure political scandals and mysterious assassinations doesn't encourage investors to do business there. Khodorkovsky was the one who created a vision of a Russia that modernises and becomes democratic by freeing itself of its politico-economic mafias. Until only recently Mikhail Khodorkovsky's ideas seemed premature and reckless, if not entirely utopian, in the eyes of Moscow. Now the wind is blowing from a different direction and people are discovering that the real risk for the country is Putin and his sad performance."


Hillary Clinton (US Secretary of State)

"This and similar cases have a negative impact on Russia's reputation for fulfilling its international human rights obligations and improving its investment climate,"


Nicola Duckworth (Amnesty Europe and Central Asia director)

"For several years now these two men have been trapped in a judicial vortex that answers to political not legal considerations. (...) Today's verdict makes it clear that Russia's lower courts are unable, or unwilling, to deliver justice in their cases."